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He was born in 1952. He graduated from Civil Engineering faculty in 1974 and started his business life. He is married and has three sons. In his business life he signed many inventions. As an engineer he sees many new technological and technical inventions in the world and he teaches those inventions to Turkish engineers. His philosophy is why not my country engineers not know those inventions. He wrote and issued many books about civil engineering subjects such as "Ground mechanic", "Stake bases", and "Fronttension string".

In his engineering life he did many different engineering projectsand he became satiety with his engineering backgrounds. He wasnominee and honored award of the project that is respectable to environment with his Turtel Side Holiday Village Project with the capacity of 1.100 beds,which is designed and constructed by him, by Aga Han Architectural Awards Administration.

"Nature is for human being, therefore never sacrificed for human being." This phase is our family asset and he is the first private forest owner in Turkey.Mr. Koçak was next to Mr. Turgut Özal all the time and he was the establisher of Mr. Özal’s party and after that he became member of the Turkish Parliament. After Mr. Özal, Mr. Koçak became the President of Democratic Party for some time. His experiences in his trading activities helped him in his political life. He also wrote the books that are called "Crisis Management" and "Exit Program From Economic Crisis".