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Historical Inheritance 

I have taken over our family Firm from my father in 1974 and my father took over our family Firm from his father in 1954. My grandfather was the first railway contractor. Our inheritance from my grandfather is the phase of "Someone who makes business with name of Koçak never loses". Until now neither our partner nor our subcontractor lose their profit by doing business with us. Our workers always get their rights without drying their sweats. There is nobody curses about us when they make business with us.

We earn a little but it will be real, and also we believe abundance. We also know one good business relations can createanother one. We never forget we have a partner except our real partner. That is our "Allah" We also grow up our sons with the same philosophy. . We do our business well, and correct because the owner of our business is our Allah and we know that Allah sees what we are doing all the time. We are afraid of getting any human beings rights. We do nothave any business not hand over tobusiness owner.We honored of our records. Our business administrations never have the court records. We may do self-sacrifice of all our rights for our business success. We never prefer to sue the business owner or never go to the courts for our rights.

We become sufferer but never to be injustice. May be this is luxury behave for 21 century but this is what our grandfathers teach us and also we teach to our sons. We do not know how our sons do and how they balance today and the future. We only pray to our Allah (cc) for them.

Yusuf Yalçin KOÇAK